by the hand.

High Tide

This picture.

Final in this calendar series. Additionally, it's my least favorite. Too muddy. No one guessed this picture, but here is the good news: if you guessed at all, I'm sending you a calendar! Yay for you! Yay for us! Yay for everyone!


Tree Tops

This photo.

I couldn't sleep last night.

Dirty Laundry

This picture.

It's been a long day.


The Thinker

This photo.
A song to listen to.Closing in on the final 12.

Much love, guys.


Trembling Hands

This song.

Lots of love,

Pencil Light

This picture.

This series.

Think hard. Work hard. Play hard.


Mirror Mirror

This picture.

Happy Monday.


This picture.

Getting ready for a little drama with my Mama tomorrow.  

Beso beso,

Skipping Stones

Not the best copy ever. This picture.
Part of this series.

Love to you.

kristen mrdjanov


^ The corner folded over on me!
Illustrating this picture.
This just feels like fall to me.

To you, from me,

kristen mrdjanov

Repurposed Magazine Envelopes

Along the lines of the Repurposed CD Jackets, I rarely threw away my Anthropologie or Free People catalogues. They were just too pretty. Ethereal. 

Well, a few years later, and I had a stack of 'pretty' catalogues that I had moved to a new apartment. Instead of looking through and sighing at the dream-like pictures, I instead started ripping out the pages. Some I made into wrapping paper (future feature), and some I made into envelopes for letters, small gifts and my cards. 

Envelopes are not hard. At least, these aren't hard.  Instructions follow below.

Share the Love: Repurposed CD Jackets

About a year ago, I realized I was hoarding my letter-writing supplies for some undisclosed time. I am not geographically close to a single person in my family, nor many of the friends I grew up with, so I decided to start scribbling and stamping. "Someday" rarely arrives, and I imagined still saving my pretty paper, even in my old age.  We tend to save our love for grandiose gestures. 

I love imagining new uses for things.  I also realized recently that while I have moved five times in the five years I've lived in Chicago, I've saved ridiculous things because, "someday I will find a cool use for them". For example, I have a little box of all cd jackets from every cd I've ever owned. Why? Because. Someday.

Well, recently, that day arrived. Because I'm tired of moving boxes of  'someday'.

Double Exposure
Below is my first attempt at drawing a double exposure.

I used this picture as a reference.

Love to you,

Illustrio Obscura Duo

Union Jack: Repurposed Denim Quilt

I have a disdain for the word "craft". Because craft conjures images of thisAnd thisAnd this.  And so many more, I could cry.

EVERY denim repurpose I've seen has been on the wrong side of crafty.

So, imagine my horror when I woke one day to a plethora of blue jeans. I had two equally terrible options. Throw the blue jeans out (or donate) or carry, like thirty jean butt purses.

Astral Jellies

Sometimes, I paint.  

At one point, I dreamed of having a themed gallery show that looked at the ocean as some strange celestial scene, but Astral Jelly took three years to finish (there were long vacations where he lived behind our couch collecting dust). Just in case this show materializes, however, I'd like to get a head start on the invitation to the opening of this show in 2040. It'll have wine and really swanky food, I promise. And, we'll probably have jet-packs and space dogs by then. Will you come?


Guys. I came home today, and LOOK what David had made me. Yeah. I know. I'm blagging. Sorry. But, I can't help it; he's amazing! He made the stand. He made the canvas. He got the flowers. Seriously, the luckiest.


For the birds.

I used to be good at writing people. Then, I started grad school and all the people in my life stopped getting letters reminding them that I loved them.  It's probably better anyway since my husband will routinely call from the grocery store to remind me that my handwriting is illegible.
Because I knew my handwriting prohibited letter-reading, and because I am a masochist, I would draw pictures to keep my letters company.  Today, I found a copy of two such cards. They make me happy twice over. Once, because I'm reminded of the time I spent with each letter. Twice, because I take some small delight in knowing that while the picture on the front was pretty and was painstaking in its creation, reading my letter inside was probably just as long and painful for the recipients (is that bad?).
By the way, Rachel (the RM to my KM) has handwriting that looks like cool hieroglyphs.


Illustrio Obscura

I know...the end of June is a strange time to show you calendar print-outs for 2012. But here we are. RMK life took a little longer to launch then either Rachel or I anticipated. I drew these for gifts this last Christmas, but you can give them as gifts to your walls now, or change the dates and give them as gifts next year. Mostly, just give them. I'm sure you've got some fancy-pants thing set up now, but don't worry...these are so shy, fancy-pants won't notice.All pages can be viewed after the jump.

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