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Let Your Heart Be Light

Hel-lo, December.

[Mon]day Magic: Master and a Hound

Hey, Monday.

Wonder Bombs (cont)

Tyger Tyger

In 3rd grade, we had a to memorize a poem. I memorized William Blake's "The Tyger". Reading it now, I'm almost 100% sure I had no idea what it meant. Just that I got to say the word "Tyger", and the words sounded cool together.

The same is kind of true for this band, whose show I tried pretty hard to get to last night, but failed miserably. After fighting traffic (and losing), I went home, put their music on, moped, and baked some bread.  I'm 100% sure I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but the acoustic jazz ensemble overlaid by traditional Hindustani vocals in a sort of indie style...sounds SO cool together.  Like nothing you've ever heard.

And Guess what? If you live near Normal, IL; Cincinnati, OH; NYC; Indianapolis, IN; or here in home sweet Chicago, you can see them this month too! Which is good news for me (shows after the jump).

Those Who Give

are those who give, without interest
who offer themselves, and expect nothing
in return

Favorites: Radiolab

We share favorites here.

One of my favorites is 'Radiolab' NPR show that makes Science interesting. It's like Bill Nye the Science Guyfor adults. Below is my favorite show of all time.

I've exhausted their radio archives ( )

Hope you enjoy Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich's banter
 as much as I do.

(Show starts at 1:08)

EDIT: Apparently, the show link below changes every week. To listen to Limits, please visit this link:


The Sun Also Sets: A Dedication

I've had this on repeat for the last two weeks, and I realized this evening that it's not because of the lyrics. I can barely understand what he's singing. But I do understand what he's singing about. I bet you do, too.

Washed Out "A Dedication" from Yoonha Park on Vimeo

I've come to test the timbre of my heart.

I'll never forget the first time I heard "Hymn #101." It was 2008, and I was catching up on the latest post from Burgo's Blog - Joe Pug: Nation of Heat. Like many fans, Joe had me from his opening line, "I've come to know the wishlist of my father..." and through every line following.

Short Story: Wonder Bombs

We are all born with lights. Some children are born white-hot, so terrible to look at in their awesomeness. Their wonder pools in every crevice, seeping from some mystic place.  Some are born barely an ember, sliding into this world with little light pressing out; percolating as mildly underneath their skin as their interest in the mundane.

And God of Summer Days ... Break Me Off A Piece of Paradise

Rachel, here. I stumbled upon this spoken word magician - Miles Hodges - a few months back, and I've still got this playing on the regular. I won't try to decipher "Harlem," here. But. I will say the editing of this video serves as a great inspiration for me. There is just so much overproduced solid crap out there that the general mass digests. But, there's also just as much awesome - like this vid. The digging is half of my fun. I always love seeing videos like this because they're stripped down to their "content" - the king/queen, if you will - which is just Miles, his environment, and his delivery. The nuance. The storytelling. The angles. The pauses... It honors and complements his words. 

Miike Snow: Happy to You

Electronica has never been my thing. Then, in 2007, Miike Snow had just enough of the funky Swedish indie-pop-electronica thing going on that it worked for me (and just about everyone else).

Their self-titled album was such a sleeper hit, I was almost positive they'd go the way of MGMTCarly Rae Jepsen, and to be honest, Gotye, and 
we'd never hear anything worth listening to from them again. 

I will never forget hearing Fiona for the first time on a small stage in a small midwestern town. She was so tiny, and then this voice came out of her. There is this ethereal quality to it that just cannot be captured or recorded.

That said, I rarely like more than a few songs on her cds, but she was just so intoxicating live that I cling to those songs to remember that haunting voice.

This new cd is no different. Her strongest are the first and last songs ("Every Single Night" and "Hot Knife"). Hot Knife takes the cake though.

She has an octopus on her head and looks like a coke addict, but she sounds like a fairytale in the meantime.

Just wait until the end of this one.
-Kristen Mrdjanov

Venice in Tunisia? Just What Visual Drugstore Ordered.

When people extremely gifted in very specific areas work together to create something huge and totally in left field, I cheer inside. Markos Aristides Kern and his visual design firm of gifted machinists and technologists did just that, creating something impossible: a beautiful ancient city doomed by rising water in the middle of the Saharan Desert.

 String Theory

We originally saw these fantastic string and nail portraits here on Gizmodo. David and I did something like this a few years ago, but...a circle. No fantastic shading, no painstaking precision (this was made with one unbroken strand!) I'd be tempted to give something like this a go in our living room, if I wasn't concerned about being an unimaginative Copy-Pants. The circle, sure... a five year old could have imagined it, but at least it was birthed in my own dull noodle. So, for now, the new apartment will have bare walls while my brain works on propagating a new original idea...  ... a rhombus? I kid, I kid.

But seriously. Isn't Kumi Yamashita talented?!


Yes! Thanks for the love!

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