Monday, February 4, 2013

Fuel Friends and Phosphorescent

Some say love, is a burnin' thing. 

You know when you have your music, new or old, playing in the background of whatever you're doing and then a song whispers, "Stop. What you are doing. Right. Now. And pay attention."

That happened this morning.

And I blame (credit) the music bloggess Heather Browne. I stumbled upon her beloved Fuel Friends blog about three years ago because of our shared love for Friday Night Lights. (I spent many an evening going through her archive - it's gold.)

I try to keep up with her musical rumination, insight, prowess, and generosity. I fail, but eventually find little spaces of time to "catch up." I am a fan of everything she posts; but occasionally she will introduce me to something I'll immediately fall in love with and inevitably have on repeat. Her ability to articulate exactly what I can't is a gift. She does precisely what this Phosphorescent song does - gives voice to the nuance, complexity, and minutia of what whispers in our ears. Matthew Houck's voice is reminiscent of Bruce and Bobby D. This "Song for Zula" shimmers and swells and may change your life. (Just take a look at the soundcloud and youtube comments.) I shall stop my rambling and let you listen. To this. Song:

And then, I shall direct you to Heather's words on how amazing this song is.

Peace to you,
- RM


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