Friday, December 14, 2012

Calendar Contest

We're feeling in the Holiday spirit! If you guess which image has been selected from below for the final piece of calendar art by 8am CST on Monday morning, I will send you three calendars in the mail to share with your lovely friends, and a silly note from me and Rach. (This is not chronological, so could be for any month of the year). Guess in the comments section: illustrated image will be up on Monday.

Also, if a friend indicates you've shared our blog with calendar for you
(limit one each person, let's not go overboard)!

They are all quite nice, aren't they? Calendars will be shipped Tuesday.


  1. Yay! First guess! I hope if I win a calendar it has #13 in it, so that's what I'll guess!

    So how does this work? You contact us if we win something to get our address?

  2. easy. 18.
    (also, is #2 Jeanie & little Kristen? Because it looks like it could have been)

    1. :) Nope, but you're right! It totally looks like it could be! Are you going to be in town for Christmas? Maybe we get together with Jessica?

    2. Can you send me your address?

  3. #10! Reminds me of Pflederer lake. :)

    1. Can you send me your address?

  4. Replies
    1. Can you send me your address?

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Yes! Thanks for the love!

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