Thursday, November 1, 2012

Impossible To Know: Degrees of Separation

This is long overdue, y'all.

Impossible To Know by Kelly Condron from JakeVK on Vimeo.

So rewindin' back to July: I was asked by ma friend Jake to help with a music video he was plannin' on shooting for musician Kelly Condron.

I can't recall how I responded to him, but I remember thinking, "Umm... yeah!"

This is where six degrees of separation comes in. There are more connections in this video than I can keep track of, and that's what I find most awesome about this adventure.

I tried diagramming this web of connections, but my brain went into rainbow spinning disc mode. So I'm going to attempt to show you through bullet points how we all ended up working on this project together.
>> About three years ago, I clicked "Stumble Upon" on my browser and landed on Tyler Core's website. I liked his work so much I emailed him. He actually emailed back, and I discovered he was based in Chicago. So we met up at what used to be Borders at Clark and Broadway and talked photography, web design, college, education, work, and life. As fruitful of a meeting as it was, we lost touch. 
>> Fast forward one year, I met Dana Voorheis through my good friend Tiffany Selhorst who was in Chicago for basketball recruiting. 
>> Six months later, Dana introduced me to Missio Dei in Wrigleyville 
>> Dana and I attended Art Nog - a holiday exhibit in Wicker Park featuring a bunch of artists from Missio (one of whom I worked with at Columbia College Chicago). 
>> I met Jake VanKersen there. (Dana met him through First Free Church's Community Care Clinic). 
>> Soon after, Jake asked me if I'd want to work on a few design projects and soon learned he's close friends with Tyler Core. (As my bro Keith has said, "Big City, Small World.")
>> This past summer, Jake attended a Missio Dei picnic where he met Kelly Condron. They chatted collabs, and wa-la! You've got a group of people connected in more ways than one.
I must say, running around Logan Square and Lincoln Square with Jake and Tyler and getting to spend time with Kelly's crew a.k.a. the "Friend Den" was so much fun. It was a fantastic learning experience for me and I'm very grateful to have been a part of it.

More than talented, every single person involved in this music vid is big-hearted and compassionate and possesses that contagious joie de vivre. You can't really ask for anything more in a collaboration. So without further adieu - it's impossible to know how we all may meet, but I like looking back on that orchestration.


(The six-step dance may make an appearance in this. Just an fyi.)


  1. The world gets smaller and smaller. Thanks for putting this video on my radar (and for helping make it)!

  2. i impatiently clicked "play" on the video without reading below and was pleasantly surprised by YOU, my super adorable, fabulous friend! love love love this! great song and video. beautiful.

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