Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Room with a View

I like taking walks at night because I like peeking into other people's lives. Lights are on: pockets of lives on display. I know.... it's creepy. Olden day Facebook, if you will. There's something mystifying about how we are all living simultaneously, completely oblivious of each other. I also like looking at other people's photo albums. Some think that's creepy too. Maybe you feel the same way. Either way, peeping or not, here are some pictures from this last weekend. Don't feel obligated to click through unless you're my mom.

Melt, Cleveland and it's 'cheesy' decor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
The destruction of Thomas in Words with Friends

Family photo shoot. Cowboys, Indians, and Damsels.

One of many hikes.

Serbian Thanksgiving + more hikes + the most dapper cowboy.
Love to you,

kristen mrdjanov


  1. These are great. Your Serbian Thanksgiving looks like it was full of the good things.


Yes! Thanks for the love!

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