Friday, October 12, 2012

What's in a name?

This is the man responsible for MRDJ.
I get it. This half of RMK has a difficult name.

My new friend, Peta Niehaus (who does a fun doodle everyday on her facebook) had this to say:

"Kristen. Your last name is completely impractical. I've tried saying it a three whole times, got flustered, and then left my computer weeping."
I really don't like making people cry. I also noticed on an old blog of David and mine that half the hits came from "How to say Mrdjanov", so I'll solve the name conundrum for you.

My former co-worker explained it best. Think of a highway. Merge on. off. (it's actually 'ove', but if you can say Merge-on-off I'll be happy enough with that).

See? Easy. You're a pro now.

kristen mrdjanov


  1. That is so easy! Woop Woop! (This is a great pic of you two... is it from your engagement photos?)

    1. Tis it is! From the incredibly talented Kyle Plattner!


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