Monday, October 29, 2012

[Mon]day Magic: Master and a Hound

Hey, Monday.

And hello to you! If ya don't follow Leah Dieterich on her thx thx thx: a thank you note a day blog, I highly recommend ya do. Her "Dear Monday" (above) is from two years ago, but I'll forever look at the day in a positive light.  

So, with Sandy and the San Fran Giants making headlines, Gregory Alan Isakov's "Master and a Hound" has been in my head this morning. It's inspired by a snow globe sent to Gregory from someone in SF. It's magical.

I hope it provides you a bit of magic on your Monday as well.

- RM

Post edit from KM: Speaking of hounds, if you're at all interested in HR, check out my new friend Ben Martinez's blog! Ben is the HR Master at Energizer, or as he calls himself, The HR Hound.


  1. Always loved that Monday note. Happy Monday, Rach.

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