Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Those Who Give

are those who give, without interest
who offer themselves, and expect nothing
in return

are the places of small sacrifices
where the thankless work
is done

are the acts of true adoration
For they 
reveal the heart 
of the Divine

Envy not 
the givers in the crowd
earning praise for their generous deeds
For they have received their reward

But for those who give in secret,
more shall be given 
unto them

They shall be called 'blessed' 
The true saints;
The restorers 
of streets to dwell in

And life
shall be 

About a week or so ago, this video hit the interwebs. It was created by Sevenly - an innovative co. that raises awareness for great causes. But it was through Jeremy Cowart's recommendation via his facebook feed that I pushed play.

And like good things do, it stuck with me. 

I debated whether or not I should post it here. So I sat on it for bit (a week or so ;)). And like most of my posts, I was given a little nudge, if you will, to go for it. 

That nudge happened yesterday when I was doin' the morning routine - my iPod landed on Dave Matthews Band's "You Might Die Trying." Now, before you hate on DMB (there are so many haters!), please give me a minute. Actually, 1:55. That's where Dave gets to the heart of the matter with: 

If you give,
you begin to live

He repeats

If you give,

you begin to live

You begin
you get the world
If you give,
you begin to live
You get the world
You get the world

If you give,

you begin to live
You might die trying

I've said this before, and I echo again - it's entirely too easy to get caught up in our own worlds. Fightin' it out to make ends meet. I'm just as guilty as the next. How often I need reminding that living self[less]ly rather than selfishly is the crux of abundant life. Giving begets giving. I pray for transformed hearts (mine included!) - that we may give of ourselves more fully and readily and joyfully.

Be blessed, you givers.



  1. As with most things you post, I cried.

  2. blessed are those that give in secret.

    blessed are those who ... expect nothing in return.

    thank you for this kind reminder.


Yes! Thanks for the love!

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