Saturday, September 22, 2012

Share the Love: Repurposed CD Jackets

About a year ago, I realized I was hoarding my letter-writing supplies for some indiscriminate future time. I am not geographically close to a single person in my family, nor many of the friends I grew up with, so I decided to start scribbling and stamping. "Someday" rarely arrives, and I imagined still saving my pretty paper, even in my old age.  We tend to save our love for grandiose gestures. 

I love imagining new uses for things.  I also realized recently that while I have moved five times in the five years I've lived in Chicago, I've saved ridiculous things because, "someday I will find a cool use for them". For example, I have a little box of all cd jackets from every cd I've ever owned. Why? Because. Someday.

Well, recently, that day arrived. Because I'm tired of moving boxes of  'someday'.

Make friends with your exacto knife. And your needle.

Wouldn't a few of these wrapped with a ribbon be a fun unexpected gift? At least, I think so. 

I made some envelopes too. More on that later.

There were a few more, but guess what? They got mailed. Because I want my people to know that I love them today, not in six years.

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kristen mrdjanov


  1. I meant to tell you I'm glad you posted on this. You know I love these!

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Yes! Thanks for the love!

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