Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dr. Phil helps Sunshine and Gladys

Guys. You will not believe. Among all our VHS and DVD's, my mom found something we all wrote off as 'lost'... the Dr. Phil video my friends Kelli, Crystal and I made in High School.



It ends abruptly because we finished with an in-class segment (which I wish against all wishes that we had taped) with a 'rehabilitated' Sunshine and her mother. I believe
Kelli even wore a Sunday dress.

Seriously. I died a 1000 wonderful deaths watching this. Blow it up huge (arrow in the corner).

Happy Thoughts!

Here is the youtube link:

kristen mrdjanov
Ps. Kelli is an awesome artist over at: Go check it out. Stat.
Crystal is just livin' la vida loca down in Flo-rida.


Yes! Thanks for the love!

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