Saturday, July 7, 2012

Venice in Tunisia? Just What Visual Drugstore Ordered.

When people extremely gifted in very specific areas work together to create something huge and totally in left field, I cheer inside. Markos Aristides Kern and his visual design firm of machinists and technologists did just that, creating something impossible: a beautiful ancient city doomed by rising water in the middle of the Saharan Desert.

Markos' firm, Visual Drugstore, created a multimedia offroad vehicle (MMOV) that enables them to throw colossal projections on static areas, creating a seemingly new landscape. His goal? To create a dissonant, but beautiful art piece: densely populated Venice in one of the least habitable places on earth. A city doomed by water in a the largest arid desert in the world. The Sahara is so permanent, so final, and Venice, though ancient, could be gone in the next few decades due to the rising water table. The result created some of the craziest pictures I've seen this week.

Though I won't be rushing to see the full-length documentary (I have ADD; it's gotta be riveting), the pictures describe what a labor of love the entire venture was.

Below is a preview video, showing some of Markos' and his team's other work too. I'll be honest, I got bored a little bit in the middle, fast-forwarded, and then wondered why they didn't show more of the actual projecting action in the Sahara. Maybe they're saving the riveting video stuff for the documentary. Who knows?


  1. very impressive! so much work, and so beautiful.

    1. I thought so too! P.s. Your blog is so cute!

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