Thursday, July 12, 2012

Union Jack: Repurposed Denim Quilt

I have a disdain for the word "craft". Because craft conjures images of thisAnd thisAnd this.  And so many more, I could cry.

EVERY denim repurpose I've seen has been on the wrong side of crafty.

So, imagine my horror when I woke one day to a plethora of blue jeans. I had two equally terrible options. Throw the blue jeans out (or donate)... or carry, like thirty jean butt purses.

Then, I saw this, and had some inspiration. I couldn't resist the cheekiness of American denim made into a rustic British Flag quilt. There was some hope for these duds! They could live a happy little life! They could even be joyfully given as a gift after hours and hours of sewing! So, I made it.

These pictures were taken recently because, although it's rewarding to re-work things into a quilt, no one ever said it was fast. In fact, let my ADD self tell you... IT IS NOT A FAST PROJECT.  Despite taking several vacation days to finish, I was scraping pretty close to the bone at the end. At 2:30am on Christmas Eve, there were fuzzy bunnies EVERYWHERE downstairs at my parents' house (the back side is made of that faux-fur awesomeness that explodes into a million pieces when you cut it).  And they were rascally bunnies too...the kind that evade you as you whisper, oh so quietly, "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit..." so as not to wake any sleeping family members. This is, of course, before you turn on the vacuum at 3 am. Still, me and Union Jack made it out alive, and I gave his hand away on Christmas. 

This next picture is not so pretty, but shows the size...

Make no mistake, this is no tutorial. However, I kind of used this quilt block. And I looked at these websites:



Make some good things for you too.
-KMKristen Mrdjanov

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  1. Hi, do you have the pattern for the quilt on the bottom left? I live in New Zealand and am trying to find a pattern that hasn't been deleted, ta

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  3. thank you for the amazing inspiration to get my union jack on!

    i referenced | linked to it from my blog post today which can be found here –



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