Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They got it wrong: Part #1

Let’s be straight for a second. There are so many ‘Type’ memes/photos out there bearing platitudes for life that are, quite frankly, stupid. Since information and ideas move so fast these day via social media, I feel like I’ve seen more than I can stomach.

The theme behind most of these meme’s are the same. Some of them are nice. Some of them are just plain bad advice. Some teeter on abysmal. The crux of all of them boil down to: your circumstance is not your fault, but, at the same time, you can make anything happen if you just wish/dream/try hard enough. Other people suck most of the time. You probably have no problems, so here’s a reminder that you are worth it. You deserve better. You are a special snowflake.

Guys, really? Really?  I don't know about you, but these are not the things I need most reminded of, or reminded of at all.

So, I took some of Rach's instagram pictures and made some new meme's to hang about.

Instead of: “Be true to who you are”:

Add caption

Instead of: “You’ve got to love yourself.”;

With love to you,



  1. I really dig this idea.

    Literally before catching this post I was thinking about my disdain for memes and whether or not I would be in the wrong if I hide the people who post them on FB.

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