Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Miike Snow: Happy to You

It's the 4th, so it's only fitting that I write about a Swedish band.

Electronica has never been my thing. Then, in 2007, Miike Snow had just enough of the funky Swedish indie-pop-electronica thing going on that it worked for me (and just about everyone else).

Their self-titled album was such a sleeper hit, I was almost positive they'd go the way of MGMT, Carly Rae Jepsen, and to be honest, Gotye, and 
we'd never hear anything worth listening to from them again. 

There are at least three songs that are "worth it" on their new (in March) "Happy to You" album. Not worth listening to:  "Black Tin Box", which features a theramin, the only redeeming value for this aimless track. 

"The Wave"

I was under the impression that schnoz was real. Thankfully, it's not. Also, I really wanted something different to happen in the end, but the detective and policeman made it worth it.

"Bavarian #1"
I'm a sucker for songs that involve whistling, what can I say?

"Paddling Out"

This one is most like "Animal", if that's your bag.

Kristen Mrdjanov


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