Thursday, July 19, 2012

And God of Summer Days ... Break Me Off A Piece of Paradise

Rachel, here. I stumbled upon this spoken word magician - Miles Hodges - a few months back, and I've still got this playing on the regular. I won't try to decipher "Harlem," here. But. I will say the editing of this video serves as a great inspiration for me. There is just so much overproduced solid crap out there that the general mass digests. But, there's also just as much awesome - like this vid. The digging is half of my fun. I always love seeing videos like this because they're stripped down to their "content" - the king/queen, if you will - which is just Miles, his environment, and his delivery. The nuance. The storytelling. The angles. The pauses... It honors and complements his words. 

When I first watched this, I said, "Daaaaaaaang" out loud (multiple times.) Ok, let's be honest. I said, "Daaaaaaaa-yum!"

We're in the middle of summer y'all! And with Miles's musing on the season, I thought it'd be appropriate to share. From one city to another (or wherever you are) in the summer, he also reminds us to savor it in his list of "7 Reasons To Love Summer."

P.S. His shades are pretty cool, right?



  1. I won't even pretend I know. I'm a white girl from a small town living in a nice hispanic neighborhood in Chicago.
    He reminds me of a line from Tree of Life: "Mother, Father--always you war inside me". His grandfather was a Black Panther, and he has a white mother. The more of his stuff you read, the more evident the dialogue between the two parts of him is.
    One of my favorite lines was about children shooting up like flowers in the cracks of the pavement.

  2. Agreed. I love that line from Tree of Life! It's one of my absolute favorite movie lines, period.

    And yeah, at first listen, it wasn't clear to me what he found beautiful or just plain hard. But his ability to lace the poem with these unexpected vignettes of GOOD was what got me.

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