Sunday, June 24, 2012

SHE Is | Happy Birthday

I was recently pondering a KOCO NY type card my sister gave me years ago titled "She Is." I have it framed, but only once in a while do I take the time to reread it. I think every woman can appreciate and relate to it in some way.

I couldn't find it online, but this is how it reads:

SHE is real (as in phenomenon)
She is real (as in authentic)
She is a dream.
She is a woman Homer sung.
She is a non-prepositional phrase.
She is a wonder.
She is adorable.
She is not a doll (as in Barbie.)
She is a motion. Emotion...
She is sound. (Song.)
She has a memory.
She has the ability to listen. 
And speak. And touch.
She kisses. She lives in history.
She has a psychology.
'Shes' rhymes with he. See. And free.
She is the spoken word.
She is the mother of all creation (in a Jungian context).
She is the source of mythology.
She was Eve and a tree.
Love. She can make love
and she can break just like a little girl
(to quote Bobby Dylan)
She has a circulatory system.
She comes in many colors. (Often brown tones.)
She can experience things emotionally.
Rationally. Objectively. Spiritually.

Today happens to be this girl's 25th birthday.

She also happens to be one of the wisest, most loving, intelligent, giving women I know (and pretty exemplary of that poem above). I hope you all are as fortunate to have friends and family like Kristen Mrdjanov.

Here's to your first quarter, K. (And cheers to the rest.) <3


Yes! Thanks for the love!

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